Fantasy Games Winning Strategy

Believe in You:

  • Use the prediction sites only to gain knowledge about a particular match and don’t rely on the teams listed in the website as all the users who have followed those sites will go for the same team.
  • After reading the previews, go with what your mind says. Create your own team.
  • Even if you go with the same team as listed in the websites, try changing one or two players.
  • Try to play the matches of which the line-ups are announced well before the deadline, as you will be in the same base as the opponent.

Grand Leagues:

  • Grand League is a “pure luck”.
  • Always play with 6 teams in Grand League, as the winning probability increases with the no. of combinations.
  • First of all, select the main-set of players. Then select different combinations for different teams.
  • If the main-set of players are limited, give captaincy & vice-captaincy to different set of players.
  • Still, winning probability is very less as it will be like searching pearl in an ocean.

Small/Head-to-Head Leagues:

  • The best way to earn money through Dream11 is playing in smaller leagues comprising of 3 to 10 teams with 5 winners or playing a Head-to-Head league.
  • Chances of winning in these leagues are very high as there will be a 50-50 situation in Head-to-Head leagues & 30-50% chances in smaller leagues.
  • Don’t fancy your chances in choosing your captain & vice-captain, as there will be very less room for error.
  • Instead, play a least selected player who you think can make impact in that game.

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